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SPIRAL (short film)

Jasmine's father recently left home. As she's processing what it all means, they are caught in the middle of a hostage situation, 600 feet underground.

Spiral was inspired by the mind-bending architecture of the Spiral Car Park. A corner that lasts forever becomes a trap for our heroes who have to evade the antagonist with the help of a mysterious stranger.

The tone and shooting style come together in a technically challenging, 8.5 minute one-shot which holds the tension of the moment right until the end. It took 5 hours to rehearse the actors and crew and another 3 hours to get the sixth and final take.


In 2018, Spiral was nominated for Best East Anglian Film at Norwich Film Festival and selected for the London Independent Film Festival and London Light Off Global Network.

The Writer

THE WRITER (short film)

A recovering alcoholic writer retreats to a remote hotel to complete his latest horror novel, but is strangely haunted by a painting of Black Shuck that hangs in his room.

Joshua directed The Writer as part of Film Suffolk's Haunted Hotel anthology film, The Haunted Hotel. He also wrote one of the shorts, Housekeeping, in which he played a small role. The film is due for release in 2021.

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