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Private Coaching Sessions

Joshua offers private coaching sessions for screenwriters and filmmakers who are working towards projects such as short films, feature films and web series.

If there's a project you'd like to get some help, guidance or feedback on, send an email to get started. Every project has different needs so whether you need an hour of feedback, ten weeks of regular check-ins or ten minutes of encouragement, we can work it out.


Josh is an excellent communicator with a deep and rich understanding of story and character. His input into the development and script stages of several of my projects from ‘The Mime’ to ‘It Came From Below’ have proven to be incredibly valuable.  You’ll achieve more with Josh in a weekend than over months of solo development.


- Dan Allen, Director

"Josh was an invaluable asset for working on my first feature film script. He helped me craft the structure of the film as well as breaking it down into manageable acts and beats. His script notes, thoughts and offers on each draft were concise, well thought out and gave me the confidence to move forward to the next draft"


- Marc Coleman Writer/Director

Associate Companies

Joshua is proud to work with brilliant organisations which have given him first hand experience that if you truly want to understand something... teach it.

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